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Sarah Sultan is a consultant psychiatrist who also has an unusu­al breadth of medical and psychiatric experience since grad­u­ating from McGill medical school more than 30 years ago.

She completed her first post-graduate year in internal med­icine, followed by a residency in psychiatry, overlap­ping with a 2-year fellowship in clinical pharma­cology.

After two years as consultant psychiatrist at Victoria Hos­pital in London, Ontario (London Health Sciences Centre) and assistant professor at the University of West­ern On­tario, Dr. Sultan has been affiliated with McGill Univer­sity in Montreal since 1994; first, for almost 20 years at Royal Victoria Hospital (McGill University Health Centre) and, for the past 3 years, at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre. She has also done a few odd jobs in the UK and the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Throughout the Quebec and Ontario decades, Dr. Sultan has been actively involved in teaching medical students and post-graduate residents in many subspecialty areas of psychiatry, including: psy­chopharmacology, schizophrenia tertiary services, mood disor­ders, neuropsychiatry, adult attention deficit disorder, adult learning disabilities, ado­les­cent and adult inpatient psychiatry, sleep disor­ders, adult autism spectrum disorders, emergency psychiatry, crisis inter­vention, personality disorders (trained and su­pervised by Lori Singer, M.Ed.) and adult outpa­tients.

Dr. Sultan had originally hoped to be either a commercial pilot or a flying doctor, but at age 16 her auditory prob­lems from a prior diving accident forced her to aban­don her flying lessons and con­centrate on her medical studies in­stead. In retrospect, her need for sleep might have ruined the plans anyway.

Sometimes nicknamed the ‘Dynamic Duo’ together, Sarah, an ex­perienced psychiatrist, and Lori, a highly gifted ­­clin­ical psychologist, have created something pow­erful trans­cending the sum of its parts. They are totally com­mitted to giving the best care possible to their patients. The brand they provide together with both a psychiatrist and psy­cho­l­ogist on site at their private practice allows them to pro­vide coordi­nated, expert mental health eval­uations and treat­ments as well as high-impact independ­ent med­ico-legal expertise exam­inations (IMEs).

The ‘Dynamic Duo’ has gained consid­er­a­ble exper­tise in the past few years in recognizing the hallmark effects of work­place psycho­log­i­cal violence on employees, or other targets sim­i­larly framed in other venues, and how to differ­entiate this type of PTSD from nat­urally occurring psychi­atric issues. Both Sarah and Lori were invited to speak at an interna­tional conference on workplace bully­ing and har­assment; their independent examina­tions are sought after by law­yers who have been able to settle cases out-of-court on the strength of their evalua­tions. They have also contributed to positive out­comes for victims whose cases pro­ceeded to court. They remain committed to educating medical and legal professionals on the dangers of failing to recognize when a “patient” is in fact someone who has been targeted for elimination from their workplace, or mobbed in another group setting, and whose presentation is wholly compatible with the (hopefully, soon to be) “classical” resulting clinical picture. The Duo and colleagues are prepar­ing several articles on the effects of psychological harassment for publication in medico-legal jour­nals.

Sadly, mobbing or collective violence is an area that overlaps considerably with whistleblowing, ostracism, shunning, blacklisting, gaslighting, cyberbullying, psychological harassment, intimate partner abuse and sham peer review in medicine, among others. The Duo delights in distinguishingbetween a small ‘d’ and a capital ‘D’ when it comes to ‘dealing’ versus ‘Dealing’ with the unscrupulous. They are plan­ning to write a book about their ex­peri­ences.

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Lori Singer, M.Ed.

Clinical Psychologist

Lori Singer is an experienced clinical psychologist with a wide-ranging clinical background who specializes in the treatment of psychological trauma and personality disorders in addition to adult autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. She has practiced in various Canadian provinces and territories and in the United Kingdom, in inpatient psychiatry and risk management, and has had a private practice for over 20 years. She is highly skilled in the treatment of adult problems resulting from childhood sexual abuse, borderline personality disorder, crisis management and substance abuse. She is trained as an emergency responder in mass disaster and critical incident response from the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) training center in Virginia, USA, and was among the few non-Americans to be granted permission to take training courses with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during the Bush era. (There are some funny airport stories about those trips!)

Lori is known for both her diagnostic accuracy and enduring therapeutic technique which colleagues have often asked her to write about in the form of a book. Lori describes her therapeutic technique as: psychodynamically informed in theory - primarily object relations - but cognitive-behavioral in practice. She has the ability to put people at ease and make it appear as though they are engaging in casual conversation, while in fact, she is delivering a highly complex method, weaving simple, yet selected, interrelated narratives to induce therapeutic change vicariously in the patient. She finds this is a gentler way to mature a patient’s defense mechanisms than more conventional types of intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy. She believes that simply removing surface symptoms is not sufficient to induce lasting change and that some re-organization of personality structure is necessary to achieve sustained improvement. She believes in empowering patients and promoting autonomy as early as possible.

Lori completed her Masters at McGill University, Montreal, followed by a clinical internship and a 2-year post-graduate program in psychotherapy, also in the McGill system, where she was taught directly by many well-known specialists in the field of psychodynamics, personality disorders and diagnosis.

A significant part of Lori’s practice is devoted to consultative work with other healthcare professionals. Her effectiveness as a clinical supervisor or advisor to general practitioners and mental health professionals, including some psychiatrists, is legendary (but only for those who will admit to seeking advice from a psychologist ;)). Within minutes, she can conceptualize another professional’s case and provide simple, straightforward instructions that, if followed, result in lasting therapeutic change for the other person’s patient.

Lori is also adept at computers and technology and has been at the forefront of ideas for potential uses for virtual reality (VR) in psychology. Several years ago she presented some of her novel ideas at the Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University in London as part of a professional doctoral program which was well received (she did not complete the doctorate for health and travel reasons, but she remains in contact with the team there). She is fully trained and credentialed as a distance (tele-psychology) therapist from the Online Therapy Institute in the UK and may practice in any jurisdiction in which her licensing is compatible with both the patient’s and therapist’s geographic locations. The governing laws are complex and vary according to province, state or country of both the patient and therapist. Our website where these services are offered is encrypted for secure confidential transmission and a safe therapeutic environment.

As a licensed psychologist, Lori also administers and interprets psychometric tests in adults and older adolescents for a wide range of conditions and situations, including learning disabilities for educational purposes or for court situations. Furthermore, she is about to undergo training in administering and interpreting the highly sought after ADOS-2 and ADI-R tests for supporting a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in adults and adolescents.

If all else fails, reliable sources have told Lori that a career fixing computers or in stand-up comedy (with or without VR) isn’t out of the ques­tion for her.

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